What a weekend it was for the Danish Open Windsurf Wave and Freestyle Championships 2023!
Spring Edition: A Weekend of Wind and Waves
# Full Report and Result #
With 47 participants from Denmark, Germany, Norway and Polen the event was a showcase of high-level windsurfing in both disciplines. The competition took place in two locations: Hanstholm and Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii. Here is a summary of what happened on each day.
## Saturday: Freestyle Frenzy
The event kicked off with check-in at 7 am in block 65 in Hanstholm. The wind was not strong enough for wave sailing, so we decided to move to Klitmøller, where a fresh southwesterly breeze was blowing. After a few failed attempts to run the first heat of junior freestyle, the wind stabilized at 8-10 m/s and we got the first result of the weekend.
The final was between Anton Richter, who won junior freestyle in 2020, and Tobias Bjørnaa. They have battled each other many times in wave sailing, and this time Tobias showed that he can also do freestyle. With a solid performance of shakas, airflakas, nice forwards and backwards loops, Tobias beat Anton to the first place. Lars Bubelach took the third place over Bjørn Olesen.
It was getting late – and cold on the reef. But the sun sets late over Thy at this time of the year, and we were in a hurry. So B-freestyle was sent on the water in the twilight. In a final heat between Allan Hagner, Michael Falkenberg and Yuri Mamero, Yuri pulled the longest straw. Allan and Michael fought well, but Yuri was just a bit too sharp for our local sailors and won deservedly. Michael followed on second place and Allan on third place. Another result in the box. But then the sun also went down.
Under normal circumstances, the participants would probably have gone on a joint excursion in the Thy nightlife, but with a view to full-day sailing on Sunday, it was strangely quiet in Klitmøller.
## Sunday: Wave Action
Sunday morning there was skipper meeting in Hanstholm at 8:30 am. The plan was wave sailing, but the waves were just not there yet. The wind was fine though, so A-freestyle was started. Here we suddenly had a participant number of 20, as we were visited by a bunch of very sharp Germans and Norwegians. And it raised the level of competition considerably. Both judges and Danish participants got their hair done. We witnessed some mildly explosive heats, where there were double moves all over with a frequency we are not used to seeing. Gard from Norway and Nebelung brothers from Germany impressed along the way, but Rasmus Øgelund and Noah Willumsen also fought their way to the semifinals. Here it was over though. The final was between Niclas Nebelung and Mathias Genkel from Germany. Nebelung showed that he is a sailor to be reckoned with in the future, and he relegated a well-sailing Mathias Genkel to second place. Rasmus Øgelund followed on third place. Result no. 3 was in the box.
During the freestyle competition, the waves slowly built up, and the women’s class in wave was sent on the water. Here we also had nice visits from some sharp German girls and one Norwegian. In fact, the only Danish participant was Stine Bøttern – Line Wittrup was injured and took her place in the judge car today.
There were waves ridden, forwards and backwards loops made at a high level, and especially Caro Weber and Maria Behrens stood out. They also ended up in the final, where Maria with safe forwards and solid wave riding took first place against a hard-fighting Caro Weber. Stine Bøttern took third place and showed that she has moved considerably in recent years. Keep an eye on Stine!
That was result no. 4.
But we were still busy. The next point on the program was junior wave. The junior class usually shows what we have in store from the flower of Danish windsurf youth, this time well mixed up with the flower of the German elite.
In the semifinal we had a genuine brother fight between Leo and Anton Richter. Little brother Anton won the heat and was ready for the final against Tobias Bjørnaa. Tobias and Anton have met each other several times in the junior class, and both have the potential to win. This time it was Tobias, who with safe jumps and good wave choice took the heat and the victory. But Anton is breathing down Tobias’ neck. Result no. 5 was in the box.
With an A-class in wave for men of 31 participants, we were busy moving on. The waves had grown, and the wind was constant at 10-15 m/s, so the conditions were excellent. Over the day, a small group of sailors stood out, but before we get to the final, it is worth mentioning a couple of sailors who also stood out: Simon Thule with a double forward and Martin Ten Hove with solid wave riding – until he was knocked out by Kenneth Danielsen in the quarterfinals.
In one semifinal we had a family fight between father and son: Mads and Tobias Bjørnaa. Tobias bit well from him with good wave choice and excellent jumps, but still it was Mads who ran away with the victory. Mads is an experienced tactician and does not let himself be shaken by the fact that the opponent makes a good jump or gets a good wave. Then he just does it even better. And he did that this Sunday. In the other semifinal, Kenneth Danielsen took on Anton Richter – and won.
The sun was heading towards the horizon, and it was time for The Main Event: the final in A wave. Kenneth and Mads have sailed against each other many times. They both live in Klitmøller and train on the same waves and both have what it takes to win.
They can both pull the maximum out of a wave and set their jumps to perfection. They both have good style on the water, albeit they are different to look at. Mads is probably more smooth, Kenneth more aggressive. Kenneth found some waves that were a bit bigger this Sunday, and that decided the matter in his favor.
And then dusk fell over Hanstholm. And the participants – at least many of them – took over Nasas clubhouse in Klitmøller until the sun rose again.
Monday morning there was prize giving in Hanstholm, followed by cleaning and packing.
DBO wave/freestyle thanks everyone for good behavior and thanks for good help along the way. Remember there is a competition again 10-11/6.
Wave A:
1: Kenneth Danielsen
2: Mads Bjørnaa
3: Tobias Bjørnaa
4: Anton Richter
5: Jan Claus
5: Henri Kolberg
5: Mathias Genkel
5: Martin Ten Hoven
9: Niclas Nebelung
9: Jakob Deutloff
9: Simon Thule Kristensen
9: Malte Øgelund
9: Leo Richter
9: Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederik
9: Noah Willumsen
9: Laurin Schmuth
17: Sebastian Bail
17: Lars Bubelach
17: Rasmus Øgelund
17: Lars Bubelach
17: Hannes Gobisch
17: Nico Bagschik
17: Johannes Witte
17: Mats von Holten
17: Lars Green
17: Lucas Nebelung
17: Peter Gobisch
17: Thomas Svensson
17: Mads Lunøe
17: Kasper Gaj Nielsen
17: Luksz Trzaskowski
Freestyle A:
1: Niclas Nebelung
2: Mathias Genkel
3: Rasmus Øgelund
4: Noah Willumsen
5: Gard Langseth
5: Mads Bjørnå Nielsen
5: Lucas Nebelung
5: Simon Thule Kristensen
9: Michael Falkenberg Larsen
9: Leander Halm
9: Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederik
9: Anton Aalborg Stubberup
9: Malte Øgelund
9: Antonv Richter
9: Kasper Gaj Nielsen
9: Jakob Deutloff
17: Simon Thule
17: Lars Bubelach
17: Lukas Tollak
17: Thomas Svensson
Freestyle B:
1: Yuri
2: Michael Falkenberg
3: Allan Hagner
Kvinder wave:
1: Maria Behrens
2: Caroline Weber
3: Stine Bøttern
4: Nadja
5: Sybille
5: Isabel Eie
Junior freestyle:
1: Tobias Bjørnaa
2: Anton Richter
3: Lars Bubelach
4: Hannes Gobisch
5: Emil Skov Nielsen
5: Leander Halm
5: Anton Aalborg Stubberup
Junior wave
1: Tobias Bjørnaa
2: Anton Richter
3: Lars Bubelach
4: Hannes Gobisch
5: Leo Richter
5: Bjørn Olesen
5: Peter Gobisch
5: Emil Skov Nielsen
9: Isabel Eie
The event is part of the offecial Danish Championship under Dansk Sejlunion and juniors will earn point for the PWA/IWT World titel and the freestyle is a part of the Proffesional Freestyle Tour.
The convention is supported by DBO, and co-financed by the European Union and Friends of Cold Hawaii.
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